Friday, November 02, 2007

The real sacrifice

No more words from Bush or Cheney for this week -- it's too painful -- but take a look at this transcript of a Dick Cheney interview with a sycophantic right-wing radio host in Dallas, Mike Gallagher. The first half of the interview is focused on Gallagher's view of who has a tough job. It's not the soldiers fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice, who have to tolerate people saying mean things about them. And it's Dick Cheney, who has to contemplate a world where he won't have limousines and advance preparatory teams when he's no longer VP. Gallagher really thinks that's a sacrifice.

Gallagher has sacrificed himself, though not by going to fight in Iraq --

Q As I was being frisked today, I thought, boy, there is hoorah. There is. (Laughter.)

So Cheney's security detail frisked his biggest fan in Dallas. That's trust.

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