Friday, November 02, 2007


Here's a really bizarre column from Charles Krauthammer. It's propagating the talking point that Argentina electing its first lady as president is a harbinger of Hillary Clinton's political future. The issue for Krauthammer is the return of Bill Clinton to the White House. But this leads him to sloppy phrasing --

We have never had an ex-president move back into the White House.

which needs the qualifier "as an ex-president" added to it, since Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive terms as president. Then there's the insistent spelling of Juan Peren. Did no one check the font in PerĂ³n?1 There's the mischievous word-dropping --

The cloud hovering over a Hillary presidency is not Bill padding around the White House in robe and slippers flipping thongs.

Has to get a Monica mention in there somewhere. But mostly it's just Krauthammer's blindness to the fact that the US is becoming more like Latin America -- in rising inequality, militarist populism, and the view of constitutions as subservient to the whims of the president.

1The Post finally corrected the spelling, which was noticed elsewhere.

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