Monday, November 05, 2007

So complicated only the Iranians can make it

The above shaped copper plate is an Explosively-Formed Projectile, a key ingredient of armor-piercing improvised explosive devices in Iraq. When George Bush discerns that his ranting about Iran's nuclear capability has no credibility, his PR team pivots and brings up Iran's supposed dominance in the supply of EFPs to Iraq. The story from Multinational Force Iraq accompanying the above picture concerns the manufacture of EFPs and other lethal devices in Iraq. Iran is never mentioned.

It gets repetitous saying it, but the other ingredient of IEDs is just all the Saddam-era conventional weapons that George Bush's war plan failed to secure after the invasion.

UPDATE: A rapprochement of the US military in Baghdad towards Iran is in evidence: the 9 Iranian detainees have been released, reflecting a broader determination that Iran has clamped down on supplies to the Shiite militias.

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