Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not enough troops

What's wrong with this statement from Multinational Force-Iraq? --

TIKRIT, Iraq – A U.S. Sailor was killed as a result of injuries sustained from an explosion while conducting operations in Salah ad Din Province Monday.

The Navy fighting land wars. Incidentally, here's an interesting line from the Financial Times explaining one of the many sources of disenchantment in the Pakistani army --

US officials say it is making senior officers reluctant to pursue actionable intelligence if there is a high risk of failure. "The image of the military as a professional force, capable of confronting India, is very important to them and this affects their willingness to take risks in the tribal areas," says one.

An army intended for use in wars against countries being bogged down in a war on terrorists. It's the same for Israel -- and the US. It's not just that the GWOT is stupidly named. Its underlying activities are stupid, not least when one's vaunted military ends up looking like the "weak horse", if you will.

UPDATE: A little more on the dead sailor -- Bewley was permanently assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11, Oak Harbor, Wash.

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