Monday, August 27, 2007

Keeping score

National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez on the departure as Attorney General of Alberto Gonzales --

Paul Clement is on the list of possible replacements, according to Fox (and my understanding is he will at least be interim acting AG). I am a huge Clement fan. I can't imagine the president would be putting him to best use making him attorney general — dealing with the heated politics and the bureaucracy and silly senators. I'm counting on him being the next Catholic dude on the Court. Can you imagine the reaction at the PFAW [People for the American Way] etc? I'd forgive and forget everything and anything and love George W. Bush forever just to be able to see the reaction.

So apparently: there's some sort of religious quota system or priority for getting Catholics on the court, and the purpose of Supreme Court appointments is to irritate the other side as opposed to picking the best person (Catholic or not) for the job. And the elected branch of government with which Cabinet members have to deal is "silly."

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