Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Natural Law Party was right?

It's amazing what Google turns up. With the breaking news from the BBC that the source of the foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey is now considered highly likely to be a vaccine strain that somehow got out in the open from the nearby lab and production facility in Pirbright, take a look at the issues identified in this September 2001 NLP webpage, which specifically raises the biosecurity issue with vaccine manufacture at the Surrey facility. Unfortunately most of the links are dead, but we wonder how long this still live page will last?

Note also the date on the page -- 10 September 2001. The next day, the world moved on to other issues. But the previous issue remained.

UPDATE: Google this too before pages start getting pulled.

UPDATE 2: The link to Merial is confirmed. Merial's link to United Biomedical is not clear.

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