Friday, August 03, 2007

One out of three is bad

From George Bush's letter inviting leaders of the world's largest economies to send delegations to his PR stunt of a conference in September on global warming ("climate change") --

James L. Connaughton, Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, will serve as my personal representative, and our delegation will consist of senior officials responsible for economic, energy, and climate policy.

Note the emphasis in the senior officials -- a growth dude, an oil dude, and then a climate dude. Not for the first time, the real agenda hidden in plain bureaucratic sight.

UPDATE 4 AUGUST: While we're on the topic of global warming policy, a bizarre statement from US Transportation Secretary Mary Peters in the context of the Minneapolis bridge collapse which seemed to imply that spending less on roads and bridges was part of a new Bush policy on climate change --

For example, we don't want to contradict a policy objective that says we need to use less foreign oil, we need to use cleaner-burning fuels, and then do something that would perhaps cause us to use more fuel. Fuel efficiency is important, all those things.

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