Monday, August 06, 2007

Nothing changes

The latest White House Fact (sic) Sheet on terrorism has the following interesting features, inter alia:

As examples of disrupted al Qaeda bomb plots it lists the Heathrow liquid bomb plot along with the dude who was thinking about bringing down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blow-torch, which doesn't do a whole lot for the credibility of the former.

It claims -- In North Africa, we are working with our partners to counter al Qaeda's further expansion in the Maghreb – evident in the emergence of "al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" (AQIM).

Note therefore that a name change of an incumbent North African terror group to AQIM is taken as evidence of al Qaeda's further expansion, while a name change of an incumbent Iraqi terror group to al Qaeda in Iraq is taken as evidence that al Qaeda was there all along.

It lists the London and Glasgow car bombs under attacks carried out by "Al Qaeda And Those Inspired By Its Hateful Ideology" even though there is yet to be any actual evidence that this is the case, except in the vacuous sense of Muslims doing bad stuff being so defined.

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