Friday, August 24, 2007

She let them in

With a blogosphere that always seems primed for "outrage" one's eyes get a tad jaded, but Yes, Irish Independent columnist Kevin Myers really wrote these sentences (via Irland Inside) --

The suicide bombers of London two years ago hadn't been born when this chapter opened in 1979: and such has been the utterly cretinous disregard across Europe for the huge cultural differences between the Islamic and the secular/Christian worlds, that the Continent has since then blithely continued to admit hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

However, true pride of place in the European imbecility stakes must surely go to Ireland, which now has some 60,000 Muslims officially living here, though the figure is probably more like 100,000, the vast majority having arrived since 9/11. Now, just how stupid is that?

There was always an element of Mark O'Steyn about Myers but it's hard to see Steyn writing that sentence. But you never know.

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