Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More from Laura

Given the bizarre revelations yesterday about Senator Larry Craig from Idaho and "wide stances" at the Minneapolis airport (if you don't know, don't ask), one has to figure that yesterday was known to be not a good day to even mention Idaho. Hence Laura Bush ...

Mary Bomar, as all of you know, is the Director of the National Park Service, and she's done a really terrific job, including working with Secretary Kempthorne, someone from Idaho, who now is the Secretary of the Interior, and who's very, very aware of the specific treasures we have in the western part of the United States and our national parks, but also the treasures everywhere across our country that represent the very best, both of our most beautiful natural landscapes like Grand Teton, and our most important historical sites like the White House and many other of our national parks that are historical sites.

Which sounds like Laura realized that not only had she mentioned Idaho but a (former) Republican Senator from Idaho and decided she better keep babbling to try and make everyone forget about it.

Perhaps feeling that she hadn't yet erased the memory later down in the speech, she decided to offer a scoop --

Jenna Bush was proposed to in Acadia National Park. (Applause.)

Poor Maine. It's such a nice place to have so many Bushes. But don't feel left out, DC --

Our national parks offer children a healthy alternative to being out -- for their free time. The Jefferson Memorial, even in an urban setting, is, of course, also outside

Probably not a great setting for marital propositions, though.

UPDATE 26 SEP: The site of the Jenna engagement is being reported as news from a Jenna interview even though Laura scooped her a month ago.

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