Tuesday, August 21, 2007


George Bush just now (at the Montebello QC press conference) condemned a style of politics where some people

lay out a conspiracy and try to force people to prove it doesn't exist

Er... Osama, Saddam, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, al-Qaeda (/in Iraq), Iraq, Hamas etc?

UPDATE: Here's the full quote --

And I'm amused by some of the speculation, some of the old -- you can call them political scare tactics. If you've been in politics as long as I have, you get used to that kind of technique where you lay out a conspiracy and then force people to try to prove it doesn't exist. That's just the way some people operate.

[The context was claims that the countries are working towards excessive integration; all three leaders chose to deal with the most outlandish versions of the theory i..e. a North American superstate]

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